February 12th- 14th, 2021

Friday, February 12th- Meet at 5 pm

Sunday, February 14th- Return by 1:30 pm

Where: Camp Orchard Hill- Dallas, Pennsylvania

Who: All 6th -12th Grade Students

Cost: $160

What to Expect 

You’ve got 40 hours to fly down the tube run, chill in the game room, and crush on the dodgeball court. 40 hours to color the snow on the paintball fields, fill your stomach in the dining hall and get back out there for frozen football. 40 hours to laugh with your friends, create inside jokes with your youth leaders, and fill your memory card with smiling faces. 40 hours to soak in the wisdom of Godly speakers, worship in surround sound and meet with the God of the universe. This could be the most intense 40 hours of your life. A tentative schedule on the back of this flyer.


Total $160

The $50 Deposit due December 13th

You can buy a shirt for $15 extra (please submit payment and size with a deposit, T-shirts can be bought later at Camp Orchard Hill for $18) The remaining balance of $110 Due January 10th - Makes a great Christmas present!

*if for some reason the trip need to be postponed or canceled all money collect (including deposit) will be refunded.

How to Register

The registration process looks different this year due to COVID-19 Please follow the instruction below to register through Camp Orchard Hill. Please, then print out the payment form and turn it into the Well Dropbox located in the Student Auditorium. 

1. Start at and click on LOGIN/REGISTER or go directly to our registration site at

2. Create an account or log in if you already have an account

4. Input our Registration Code: LivingWaterWB2021
5. Select our weekend, confirm your info, select options (T-shirt & paintball cost extra),
complete your forms, then proceed to checkout.
6. Click + to review your selections. Your cart should already reflect full “payment”
using our group sponsorship code LivingWaterWB2021 and your overall balance should say $0.00.

7. Complete your order
8. Return the 2021 Liability Waiver and the payment form along with your $50 deposit to your group leader. 

If you have any questions please Email 

This video will walk you through the registration process. 

How to earn money for my trip? 

The Well Trip Task Force allows students to earn money for trips such as Winterblast, mission trips, etc.  There will be opportunities for earning money this fall and winter.  This will involve parental support, transportation, and/or supervision of work.  The Well cannot guarantee full financial support. However, making yourself available for work most weekends will allow for greater possibilities.  Your earnings must meet the financial deadlines outlined above. Please note: You will be required to pay a MINIMUM of $50 towards your own trip regardless of the money you earn through scholarship work.

You will automatically be registered for The Well Trip Task Force upon registration for WinterBlast. If you have any questions please Email

COVID-19 Safety

Camp Orchard Hill has spent a great deal of thought and energy coming up with, what we believe, to be a thorough plan in regards to COVID safety.  We support their efforts to keep the students who attend their camp safe and have full confidence in the process. below you will find a link that will outline all actions they are taking to ensure the safety of your Students. 

Camp Orchard Hill COVID-19 Safety Plan