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Sisters at the well

Sisters at the Well exists to provide support and discipleship that encourages a strong relationship with Jesus Christ while nurturing healthy fellowship among women.

Women's Bible Study Groups

Our Summer Women's Bible Study Groups meet on Tuesday mornings and Tuesday evenings. For more details regarding each of these groups, or to register, please click the link below. 

Sisters at the Well Events

Ladies Fellowship Tea

The Sisters at the Well invite you for a delightful time of Tea, Tasty Treats, and Fellowship! Along with information about Fall Bible Studies, you will be able to meet the leaders and view the materials they will use. 


We hope you will join us from 1-3 PM on August 26th in the CRC Building! Please register by clicking the link below. If you have any questions, feel free to email Laura Keegan at

Activity: Ladies Fellowship Tea

When: August 26th, 1-3 PM

Where: CRC (Community Resource Center)

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