The vision of Living Water Community Church is characterized by the following four statements:

1. We dream of a church that is inspired by the Spirit of God and grounded in the Truth of His Word.

  • A church where people's lives are changed by the communication and teaching of God's word in culturally relevant and dynamic ways, as well as changed by the supernatural movement of God's Spirit.

  • A church that provides a Biblical balance between the reality of God's Word and the reality of God's Spirit.

  • A church that utilizes various genres of music, the creative arts, and technology to provide inspiring, multi-sensory, culturally diverse, and most importantly authentic worship opportunities which usher people into the very presence of God as they worship in Spirit and Truth.

  • A church where both individual and corporate prayer permeates every aspect of the ministry.

  • A church that provides a wide variety of age-appropriate opportunities for worship, Christian education, fellowship, and service.

  • A church which possesses excellent facilities; a competent, multi-ethnic and empowered staff and leadership team; and an effective infrastructure that provides for lay mobilization

Living Water community church

Weekend Services: Saturday 6PM; Sunday 9AM & 11AM



206 Oakleigh Avenue

Harrisburg, PA 17111

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