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When you click on the link above to view all of the groups, there are options to filter the group list by the type of group, gender, if childcare is available, and whether they will be meeting in-person, via Zoom, or a combination of both.


Please email with any questions about registering for groups. 


Community Groups

Community Groups are long-term, intentional gatherings of six to twelve people that meet weekly for Bible study, prayer, accountability, and fellowship. Each group is facilitated by trained leaders who lovingly guide, equip, and ensure care is provided for every member of the group. They provide an opportunity for believers to live out Christian community.

Bible Study Groups

The goal of these groups is to provide the church body with a regular program of teaching to bring us all to maturity in Christ. These groups are short-term and are designed to help us understand the truths of our God and the theology, ministry, and history He has authored.

Interested In A New Community Group?

Here at Living Water, we encourage every person to be involved in a Community Group or Bible Study. With that being said, we have realized that as we continue to grow as a church family, we will need more Community Group options for our people to participate in. If you are interested in being a part of a new Community Group, we encourage you to click the link below to fill out the interest form. We cannot guarantee if/when these groups may happen, but this will allow us to develop new options for you.

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