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Student & Parent resources



March On-Track Devos

Hebrews & James

Psalms & Proverbs

We also have a monthly study that can be used any month of the year! It is our Journey through Psalms & Proverbs Book! 

Sharing the Gospel

Do you want to share the Gospel with your friends but aren't sure how? Here is helpful resource for you!

A Guide to Sharing the Gospel with a Friend

2020 Forms

A Reasonable Faith

How can you know the Bible is true?

Do faith and science conflict?

Is it important to believe God created the world? Are all religions the same?

Is the story about Noah's Ark

more than a story?

We do have a reasonable faith! 

Check out God's Word and the resources below for help with answering these questions! 

Answers in Genesis 

Genesis Apologetics

Institute for Creation Research

Creation Museum

Ark Encounter

The Case for Christ - DVD

Is Genesis History? - DVD

Already Gone - Book (free on-line)


Rites of Passage (Age-Based Resources for Parents)

Focus on the Family (Topical Resources for Parents)

Advent Devos (Christmas Resource for Families)

Family Life Today (Audio Resources)

Family Talk (Audio Resources)

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