July 24
Sunday 12:45 PM
Join us for a pizza lunch in the worship room immediately following the Sunday 11am service to meet and interact with our worship pastor candidate. Nursery care will not be available, but kids Pre-School through 5th grade can be re-checked in to The Block for child care during this event.
Worship Room
July 26
Tuesday 11:30 AM
Living Water’s food pantry assists families in our church and community with non-perishable foods. Some items are not available through the Food Bank, but are essential to many individuals. As a church family, we have the opportunity to bless those in need through personal donations. Food Pantry Weekend will be the 4th weekend of every month. Things that are currently needed include toilet paper, detergent, and feminine hygiene products. There will be a large container located in the upper lobby to place your donations.
CRC - Food Pantry
July 26
Tuesday 6:30 PM
We are a group of single people in our 20’s and 30’s uniting together from different backgrounds, schooling, and places in life. Our purpose is simple. We desire to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ and each other, as well as to extend the influence of the Gospel of Jesus.
Panera Bread Union Deposit Rd ,
July 27
Wednesday 6:45 PM
All are invited for this weekly hour of praying together as a body. We meet in the lower level of the church in room 111.
Room 111
July 28
Thursday 6:30 PM
Betrayal. Has your life been shattered by the impact of betrayal and broken trust in your marriage? Has the foundation of what you thought was real been shaken to the core? God desires to rebuild a foundation with truth and grace around your heart that will provide a covering of safety and protection. For this purpose, Pure Desire Ministries has designed a specific treatment program and small group curriculum for women who want to discover a new sense of hope, healing, restoration and healthy relationships. Getting Started. We encourage you to join a Betrayal & Beyond group if your husband is struggling with sex addiction. These groups will help you to process your pain, find healing, and set healthy boundaries in the future. We will be starting a Betrayal & Beyond Women's support group on January 28, 2016. For more information please contact Jennifer Barber 717-350-5579 or jenbarber1973@gmail.com.