• Michelle Burkhardt

Wisehearted and Willinghearted

Some may look at my title and think I need a lesson in English. In the past, I must admit that I have used this blog to create words that do not exist (example: The title of this blog, “Christ-A-Tarian). It is one of the elements of writing that I enjoy. Just as an artist can create a fantasy world in a painting or a sculptor can mold a beautiful statue from his imagination, I can form words that do not exist. However, this time, I assure my spelling is correct, and I cannot take credit for these powerful compound words.

To explain, recently while studying God’s word, I was reading Exodus and came across two words that I thought my Bible had misspelled. Both Wisehearted and Willinghearted were connected (Exodus 31:6, 35:22, and 35:25). Although only a few translated versions connect these words (one version- ASV- hyphenated the two words), most of the common translations separated them as one would typically expect to see when reading. There are numerous options of translations to our Holy Bible. Most people have a preferred version they like to read. Some of the most common translations are ESV, NIV, KJV, NKJV, and ASV. My current Bible, “The Everyday Life Bible” is the Amplified Classic Edition. Thankfully, with the use of technology, when I am studying a certain verse, I can use the YouVersion Bible App and switch translations in a blink of an eye. This is helpful because sometimes it is hard to understand scripture, thus, having different translations is valuable tool for a me truly study God’s word.

Then, a thought occurred to me as I read the surrounding chapters and looked at the other translations: Wisehearted and Willinghearted connected seem more powerful, thus, leaving a stronger impact. To illustrate, God was telling Moses about the people He chose to perform certain task. God gave them the wisdom, gifts, desires, and abilities, to accomplish what was needed. I find that I like the connected “compound” words better because it illustrates the need to keep our hearts connected to God (the Giver of our gifts) as we complete any task for His purpose.

Moreover, when other words are used in scripture, sometimes they can lose their effectiveness. For instance, the ESV translated Wisehearted to “Ability”or “Skillful” and the NIV used only “Willing” instead of Willinghearted. Plus, although the KJV used both Wise hearted and Willing hearted, as you can see, these words were separated as if to stand alone.

Thankfully, we are not alone. The Holy Spirit dwells within us to keep our hearts connected to Him. Once we realize the two go-hand-in-hand, we will become Praisehearted 😊and full of amazement at how God can use us.