• Michelle Burkhardt

The Same Inside and Out

There is a song that I heard on the radio titled, “We All Beed the Same” by Mandisa (featuring Toby Mac and Kirk Franklin). This song is more than a catchy, contemporary Christian song, it is a Truth. Some powerful words in the song: “If we are going to Fight- let’s fight for each, if we going to shout -let love be the cry. Only Love can drive out the darkness. We are more beautiful when we come together”!

Working as a Surgical Technologist in the operating room, I have seen this Truth first hand – literally! No matter what type of skin tone that scalpel cuts, I see the same thing every time- Red Blood. Plus, as the surgeon dissects further, it is amazing how our inside organs are All perfectly placed to function as God designed.

Another fascinating point, remember the movie, “Inside Out”? It was a hysterical Pixar movie released in 2015, that showed the different emotions of a little girl named, Riley. In the movie, the audience could see emotional characters talking inside her head. Joy, Sadness, Anger (who was my son, Spencer’s favorite), Fear, and Disgust were designed to help her navigate the experiences that come with a move to a new city, home, and school. Overall, the main, emotional character, Joy was trying so hard to keep Riley joyful and happy that she often dismissed the importance of experiencing the other feelings too. To illustrate, if we didn’t feel sadness, we would not know what it is like to be comforted by a dear friend. Next, facing the emotion of fear can protect us from getting into trouble while helping us to learn what we should and should not do. Moreover, Anger is also an emotion that God has instilled in us to experience- as we learn self-control, we are actually moving more towards sanctification. Negative emotions are only “bad” when we misuse them and act out in a sinful manner.

These two logical illustrations reveal that if our physical bodies are All the same and our emotional building blocks are All the same, then, one must undoubtedly conclude: We are ALL the same – Inside and Out.

Gratefully, this blog’s location is on my multicultural church’s website. Living Water Community Church is a place where a congregation embraces the differences of each race, age, gender, education, and financial status while recognizing we are All equally children of God. Because we believe we are reflection of Heaven, we indeed SEE the marvelous variations of skin, hair, and eye color that God has created; yet, we value the principle of the Life-giving blood that runs through ALL of our veins.

***NOTE: This post was written before the senseless tragedy that hit the Jewish Synagogue on Saturday. The Church’s website was down Friday, and I had to wait to post. God’s timing is perfect. My prayer is that “We all come together and fight against hatred-only love can drive out the darkness - Lord, Help us remember: We All Bleed the Same”!