• Michelle Burkhardt

Feeding On God's Word

Welcome to Living Water’s new blog. First, let me explain the eye-catchingoutside-the-box name that was chosen for this blog. You see, several years ago, I decided that I really did not like the taste of beef, lamb, or pork (occasionally, I will eat a few selected pork items).  I am not against the three different types of meat; I just prefer not to eat them. Hence, I became what I call, “A Chick-A, Turk-A, Fish-A-Tarian”. Creative?  Of course it is, and if you say it really fast, you will see how smoothly it flows off your tongue too. 

Then one day, I approached Pastor Mike with a bright idea to start a blog, and since we as Christians know it is important to spiritually feed on God’s word, the Christ-A-Tarian blog was born.  Christ is our bread of life and whoever comes to Him will never go hungry (John 6:35).  Therefore, make sure you visit this blog weekly and see how God will feed your soul in three different ways:

  1. Food for Thought: Little tidbits of spiritual food to feed one’s soul.

  2. A Q & A Section where questions are asked and Biblical answers are given.

  3. Creative Arts Entry. A place where LW can share photography, poetry, short stories, lyrics, and drawings.

Finally, a special note of dedication to Pastor Andrew who encouraged me to write.  May this blog always honor his memory.