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The Well Missions

Why Do We Do Mission Trips? 

All throughout the New Testament, we see the pattern of believers receiving the gospel and then proclaiming it to others. Each gospel concludes with some version of Jesus commanding his disciples to go forth and preach the gospel to the world (Mt. 28:18-20; Mk. 16:15; Lk. 24:46-47; Jn. 20:21).

We all have that same calling on our lives today. As we are called to love God and to love others, one of the primary ways we do that is by pointing others toward the hope of the gospel— the good news that our glorious God has graciously saved us through Jesus Christ.

How Do We Do Mission Trips in 2024? 

The complicated events around the world cause so many of us to be consumed with an inward focus. We’re thinking about our job security, our financial stability, our disrupted family rhythms, our shifting plans, and so many other ways that our lives have been impacted. Before long, we’re consumed with an inward focus that runs counter to that missional lifestyle we’re called to live.

When we engage in missions, we overcome that inward focus as we demonstrate to our students that the mission trumps the circumstances. As we see in the life of Paul, even when we ourselves might be hurting, we still look to love and serve others with Christlike humility (Phil. 2:3-4). Planning a mission trip requires sacrifice as we give up our time, our finances, our vacation days, and much more as we seek to love others. Putting that mission trip on the calendar is a tangible way of teaching your students that even when the world around us stops and reconfigures, the mission of God continues on for Christ-followers.

What Should Missions Look Like For Students?

We partner with an organization called LeaderTreks for our Kentucky Mission Trip and will be doing our Harrisburg Missions Week with the help of several local ministries while using the LeaderTreks model for these trips. LeaderTreks stands out from other mission-oriented organizations.  One of the biggest differences is that we will be the only youth group at this site.  LeaderTreks will provide a certified, trained staff member to focus solely on us and the work we are doing.  Our students will really get to get to know this ministry visionary, giving them a new view of how they can live for Jesus Christ.


LeaderTreks weaves leadership and discipleship together.  The staff member allows the students to make real decisions and experience the results of those decisions.  Every activity on the trip is viewed as an opportunity for leadership skills to be developed. It is also a great place to grow spiritual disciplines that lead to deeper discipleship. Each day there is a 45-minute morning devotion time and every night during Team Time, we will process everything that God is teaching us.

For our Harrisburg Missions Week we will be taking many of those same ideas and focus on leadership development, and partner it with a focus on helping students to see the needs in thier own back yard. We'll start off the week with an over night intensive at Living Water then each day partner with different ministries here in our community. 

The Well Student Ministries Commitment Statement for Mission Trips 

We believe that God honors a commitment, and commitment is a major requirement for leading. This means TIME and PRAYER invested in preparation, in people, and in service, all seeking to glorify God. It means SERVING and being willing to LEARN and GROW at Living Water Community Church.

Your responsibilities as a participant and member of the mission’s team begin upon acceptance of your application.





      Be faithful in the ministry of Living Water Community Church, my studies, and my relationships with God and others so that my life, along with my team, will be a witness of integrity and credibility for Christ to all those whom I come into contact with while serving and leading.


      Attend team meetings as notified. If I consistently miss meetings/youth group/church, I forfeit the opportunity to participate in the Missions Trip but will be required to fulfill financial obligations.


      Invest the time and effort to develop, participate in, and pray for the ministry and my team.


      Be kept accountable for the above responsibilities by Pastor James and other adult leaders and teammates as well as keep team members accountable for their responsibilities and commitments.

I understand that if I do not keep my commitments and do not satisfactorily meet expectations established I may forfeit the opportunity to participate in any trips and privileges given to Missions Team Members.

What Mission Trips Do We Offer? 
8th-12th Missions Trip 2024_Newsblast.png
Mission Week_NB .png

Our time of pre-planned outreach will be with a local church. In 2-3 hours each day (Tuesday to Thursday), we will be able to assist the local church in ministry to their local community. Students are given full ownership of that portion of the trip.  Before the trip ever starts, students from our team will plan and organize the outreach program.  Adult leaders and the LeaderTreks staff will support and encourage students in planning, but students will have complete ownership and will lead it. Each night, the team will evaluate the day and make necessary adjustments to navigate obstacles, and clearly share the love of Christ. This gives significant leadership development opportunities as students work together towards excellence.

We will start our time with an overnight time of fellowship and training before diving into a daily schedule that will see us start our day with a 45 minute bible study, serve with one or more local ministries, then return to Living Water to debrief our day and have dinner. Adult leaders will support and encourage students in their planning while helping students take complete ownership of their decisions and lead effectively. Each night, the team will evaluate the day, make necessary adjustments to navigate obstacles, and share the love of Christ. This gives significant leadership development opportunities as students work together towards impacting their community.


      Saturday, June 22nd to Saturday, June 29t


      $775 (This includes food and travel) 


      This trip is for students currently in 8th grade to 12th grade


      Sunday, July 14th to Friday, July 19t


      $240 (This includes food and transportation)


      This trip is for students currently open to all 6th to 12-grade students. 


      February March 17th

A Liability Waiver will be required for either Mission Trip 

Liability Waiver  - A liability waiver will be required for all events unless otherwise stated. You only need to fill out one for the year, not one for each event. 

2024 Liability Waiver

How Can I Afford My Trip? 

We will provide some workdays opportunity through our TaskForce Program and letters for you to send out to family or friends.  We do not do organized fundraisers.  Students can earn money on their own and we will help them with some creative ideas. We suggest for you raise funds through garage sales, yard work, and support letters in addition to the workdays that we have as a team at Living Water in the fall/spring.

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