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The Block Weekend

Weekend services are all about connecting with God, friends, and leaders.  In the process, students learn Bible basics, discuss and discover truth, meet new friends and leaders, and are challenged to take their faith to the next level. 

Our Curriculum:

It's called The Gospel Project - A Christ-centered and gospel focused curriculum that examines the grand narrative of Scripture and how God transforms lives through the power of the gospel in Genesis through Revelation.


We recognize that you are the primary authority to your children’s development.  Below is a resource that you can use to engage more deeply with your child on the lessons and concepts taught during this weekend’s services.  We hope that it is helpful to you as you lead your child toward Jesus.

Visiting for the First Time:

When you enter the lower lobby at Living Water, you will be greeted by a volunteer or staff member who will help you register your child.  You can also register your child at home by clicking here.  If your child is already registered, you can go to the Check-In area and get a name-tag for your child.  Simply put your phone number into the system and tap the checkmark beside their name.  The system will print you a name-tag for the child and a security ticket for you. 

We want to keep your child safe so we have placed a Guardian at both the Children’s Ministry Entrance and Exit doors.  These volunteers will ensure that every person who goes into Children’s Ministry has a name-tag or security ticket, so make sure to keep that security ticket safe. 

When you drop off a little one (under 3 years of age), we will provide a pager for you, in the event that we would need to reach you during the worship service. 

The children will do some activities in their classrooms and then gather for a time of worship, missions, and an age-appropriate biblical lesson. They will return to their smaller classrooms where you can pick them up after the service.

When you come to pick your child up, you will present the security ticket to the volunteers in the classroom.  They will check the number and letter combination on your ticket and the child’s ticket to ensure that each child goes home with the correct parent. 

We hope that your children have had a wonderful time, but also know more about our big God!

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