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Bible Burst

Bible Burst is all about children understanding the deeper elements of God's Word along with friends and leaders in both large and small group settings. In the process, they dig into God's Word, become great friends, practice accountability, and have fun!

Our Curriculum: 

We are studying through The New City Catechism.  Don’t be alarmed by the word catechism!  This is not sponsored by the Catholic Church.  A catechism is simply a series of questions and answers that the children memorize to learn truths about the Bible.  These truths include the Trinity, the 10 Commandments, sin, and Jesus as our only Redeemer. 

Want to know more about what we are teaching? 

Download The New City Catechism app!  On this app, you will find the questions and answers, the memory verse associated with the  question and answer, a few commentaries from Christian leaders, and even a catchy song to help the children remember.   Simply download the app and put on Children’s Mode to access all of these features.  It’s also set up in a flashcard manner where you can read the question and then reveal the answer.  This is an amazing resource for parents to review what their children are learning!

Click below to download the app on your respective app store!

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google play_app store_edited.jpg
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